As a locum tenens practitioner, you are no stranger to the frequent travels and relocations that come with your chosen career path. One of the biggest challenges in this lifestyle is finding comfortable and convenient housing options wherever you go. Thankfully, there are several popular housing options that can make your life as a locum tenens physician much easier and more enjoyable.

Here are some of the most popular choices for locum tenens physicians when it comes to housing:

1. Fully Furnished Apartments and Short-Term Rentals

A great option for locum tenens physicians is to stay in fully furnished apartments or short-term rentals. These accommodations provide a more homely and comfortable experience than traditional hotels. With a fully furnished apartment, you have a place to call your own during your assignment, complete with all the necessary amenities and furnishings. Short-term rentals offer flexibility in terms of lease duration and often come fully equipped with kitchen supplies, linens, and even internet and cable services. This option allows you to settle in and feel at home wherever you go, without the hassle of packing and unpacking your belongings.

2. Extended Stay Hotels

Another popular option is staying in extended stay hotels. These hotels cater specifically to guests who require longer-term accommodations, such as locum tenens physicians. Extended stay hotels offer spacious rooms with amenities like mini-kitchens, laundry facilities, and complimentary Wi-Fi. They often provide housekeeping services and have convenient on-site amenities such as fitness centers or business centers. Staying in an extended stay hotel can provide the comforts of home combined with the convenience of hotel services.

3. Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals also make an attractive housing option for locum tenens physicians. These rentals, typically booked through property management companies or vacation rental websites, offer fully furnished homes, condos, or villas for short-term stays. Vacation rentals come with the benefit of extra space, privacy, and amenities such as private pools, hot tubs, or outdoor spaces. This option allows you to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment, especially if you are traveling with family or colleagues.

4. Lodging Arrangements through Locum Tenens Agencies or Hospitals

Another convenient option for locum tenens physicians is lodging arrangements provided by locum tenens agencies or hospitals. Some agencies or facilities offer housing as part of their package, taking care of the logistics for you. This option can save you time and effort in finding suitable housing, especially in areas where accommodation may be limited. Additionally, these arrangements are often conveniently located near the workplace, reducing commuting time and providing a seamless work-life balance.

5. Using Travel Reward Credit Cards and Booking Platforms

If you prefer more flexibility and control over your housing options, utilizing travel reward credit cards and online booking platforms can be a practical choice. Many travel reward credit cards offer points or rewards that can be redeemed for hotel stays, helping you save on accommodation expenses. Alternatively, you can use online platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo to find short-term rentals or private homes that suit your preferences. These platforms allow you to browse through a wide range of options, read reviews, and easily book your chosen accommodation in just a few clicks.

6. RV Living and House-Sitting

For locum tenens physicians who crave a sense of adventure or prefer a more nomadic lifestyle, RV living or house-sitting can be appealing options. Living in an RV gives you the freedom to travel to different locations while having your own comfortable space to call home. RV parks often offer convenient amenities such as laundry facilities and recreational areas, making it a convenient choice for those on the go. House-sitting, on the other hand, allows you to stay in someone’s home while they are away. This option not only provides free accommodation but also the experience of living like a local in different areas.

Most Important Factors When Selecting Locum Tenens Housing

As a locum tenens physician, finding suitable and comfortable housing can be key to a successful assignment. There are several factors to consider when choosing housing for any locum tenens assignment, including:

Proximity and Location

Consider the location of the housing in relation to the healthcare facility where you will be working. Look for options that are within a reasonable distance, with a manageable commute time. Additionally, consider if the location offers easy access to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and leisure activities.


Cost is an important consideration when choosing housing, especially if you are responsible for covering the cost of housing yourself or if housing is not provided by the healthcare facility. Consider the budget available for housing and look for options that fit within that budget. Keep in mind that different housing options may have varying costs.


Think about the amenities you would like to have in your housing, such as laundry facilities, kitchen appliances, Wi-Fi, or cable TV. Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves to narrow down your options.


Safety is another critical aspect to consider when selecting housing. Look for housing in a safe neighborhood with secure access and sound locks. Reviews from previous tenants can also give insight into the safety of the housing option.

Length of Stay

Consider the length of your stay when choosing housing. Some options may be more suitable for short-term assignments, such as fully furnished apartments or extended stay hotels. For longer assignments, renting a house or apartment may be a better option.


Finally, look for flexibility with your housing options. Some assignments may require you to leave earlier or extend your stay, and the ability to make changes or cancel your reservation without incurring fees can be advantageous.

Consider these factors when choosing housing for your locum tenens assignment. By taking the time to assess your needs and preferences, you can find suitable and comfortable housing, enabling you to focus on providing excellent patient care.

Locum tenens physicians, rest assured that your housing search doesn’t have to be a source of stress. With a wealth of options at your disposal, including extended stay hotels, vacation rentals, short-term apartment rentals, subletting opportunities, specialized locum tenens housing resources, and engaging online communities, you can discover the perfect home away from home. When making your decision, keep in mind crucial factors such as location proximity, safety, available amenities, and your budget.

Locum Tenens Housing FAQ

1. Am I responsible for finding my own housing as a locum tenens physician?

It depends on the arrangement with your locum tenens agency or the healthcare facility you are working with. In some cases, the agency or facility may provide housing as part of your contract. However, if housing is not provided, you will typically be responsible for finding your own accommodations.

2. What are the most popular options for locum tenens housing?

Some popular housing options for locum tenens physicians include fully furnished apartments, short-term rentals, extended stay hotels, vacation rentals, and Airbnb. Each option has its own advantages and can provide a comfortable and convenient living arrangement during your assignments.

3. How do I find the best housing options for my locum tenens assignments?

To find the best housing options, consider factors such as location, cost, amenities, safety, length of stay, and flexibility. Research different housing options, consult with your locum tenens agency or fellow physicians, read reviews, and make a decision based on your needs and preferences.

4. How can I save money on locum tenens housing?

To save money on housing, consider options like fully furnished apartments or extended stay hotels that offer discounted rates for longer stays. Additionally, utilizing travel reward credit cards, booking directly with property owners, or negotiating for lower rates can help reduce costs.

5. Can I bring my family or pets with me during locum tenens assignments?

It depends on your individual circumstances and the policies of the facility or housing provider. Some options may allow for family or pet-friendly accommodations, but it’s important to communicate your needs in advance and verify the availability and restrictions.

6. What if I need to cancel or change my housing reservation?

Check the cancellation policy before making a reservation to understand any fees or restrictions in case you need to cancel or change your dates. Having flexibility in your housing options can help address any unexpected changes in your assignment.

7. Can I request specific housing preferences, such as a quiet environment or proximity to amenities?

Yes, you can certainly communicate your preferences to your locum tenens agency or when booking accommodations directly. It’s important to be clear about your preferences, such as a quiet environment or proximity to amenities, to ensure a comfortable living situation during your assignment.

8. Can I negotiate the terms of my locum tenens housing?

While there may be some room for negotiation, it ultimately depends on the housing provider and their policies. It can be helpful to communicate your needs and discuss any potential options for negotiation with the provider or your locum tenens agency.

9. What should I do if I encounter issues with my housing during my assignment?

If you encounter any issues with your housing during your assignment, it’s important to report them promptly to the housing provider or your locum tenens agency. They should be able to assist you in resolving any concerns or finding alternative accommodations if necessary.

10. Can I extend my housing if my assignment is extended?

In many cases, you can extend your housing if your assignment is extended. However, availability may vary, so it’s important to communicate with the housing provider or your locum tenens agency as soon as you know about the extension to ensure continuity of housing.

At TheraEx Locums, we empathize with the unique challenges that locum tenens practitioners face in the pursuit of suitable housing. As a reputable staffing agency specializing in healthcare placements, we are committed to going above and beyond to support your needs while on assignment. We understand the importance of a smooth and fulfilling assignment, and we’re here to help make it happen. Happy hunting, and may your housing endeavors be seamless and rewarding!

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