A new year has come around and as we try to put the past years behind us, we can begin to look forward to the new opportunities or challenges headed our way. For 2023, the healthcare trends seem to come in the form of shortages, at-home health, mental health, preparations and the continuous reliance on Locum Tenens. To keep ourselves ahead of the game, we should really know and understand what doctors and physicians can expect in 2023.

Healthcare Trends For 2023


As many doctors, physicians and healthcare personnel will already know, the threat of COVID-19 is not over and has only led to more impacts on respiratory health. People today have taken on the mask less route and have eliminated their need to social distance which means we are expecting viruses like respiratory syncytial virus and influenza to begin filling up hospital beds too. The immunity gap – and the ever-predictable pattern of viruses hitting us hard in the winter – has not only made this come around stronger but sooner in the year. This triple respiratory threat can push healthcare workers and facilities to their limits. Again.

Importance On Mental Health

One of the most crucial topics of discussion this year is the heavy mental health effects that doctors and physicians are facing. During September of 2022, during suicide awareness month, it was made apparent just how much doctors were suffering as they were recorded as having the highest number of suicides compared to the general public. Studies found that 74% of medical residents suffered from burnout and 20% from depression.

Are these healthcare providers seeking help? Rarely. Mostly due to the fear of backlash they’ll receive if they are known to have any mental health issues. Even though there is a very well-known link between trauma and stress, and just how much that can change the structure and chemical makeup of the brain.

What does that mean for 2023? That addressing and recognizing why it is happening and the underlying causes of burnout within their own systems are incredibly important. Though the National Academy of Medicine has already released a “National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being,” to highlight how much environmental and delivery changes must be made to improve the patient and clinicians’ well-being. It showcases just how much ‘resilience’ is no longer the answer to how we can improve, but instead the deep impactful structural change that needs to be made.

The Continuous Rise Of Telehealth

While the pandemic was in full effect, Telehealth was able to rise in popularity and many patients and physicians began opting for Telehealth visits rather than in-person visits. More and more doctors are introducing this simple system into their practices and finding it extremely helpful for themselves and much easier for their patients. This also happens to open doors to the Locum Tenens Telehealth assignments which are also gaining traction and will continue for the year to come.

Sharing The Clinician Load

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, one of the ways to help out with the physician shortage is to share the load with other healthcare workers. Those specifically being nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Also known as advanced practice clinicians (APC), these professionals possess all of the same advanced training at the graduate level and passed the national board examination, but are non-physician healthcare providers. Now that more states are allowing APCs to deliver healthcare and practice independently, we hopefully can witness a decrease in burnout and an increase in care.

Relying On Locum Tenens To Fill The Gaps

To add to the increase in Locum Tenens telehealth assignments and sharing the clinician workload with ACPs, the Association of American Medical Colleges also published data stating “the United States could see an estimated shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians, including shortfalls in both primary and specialty care, by 2033.”

This, along with the fact that the output of older physicians and the input of younger physicians are not close to an equal ratio, leaves a big gap for Locum Tenens to come in and fill healthcare gaps. Although they have been doing this so far throughout the years of the pandemic, it will continue to increase in 2023. Locum Tenens can find themselves receiving lucrative and unique assignments all over the country.

TheraEx Locum Tenens

In 2023, one of the thriving healthcare trends that doesn’t only seem to be sticking around, but growing, is that of a Locum Tenens. You would be travelling across the country filling in all of these gaps in rural areas, big cities or along the coasts. All over the country, hospitals are dishing out a great income in order to get the helping hands they need. If expanding your skills and experience, as well as travelling the country and making a great income, is a part of your plans or goals for 2023, look no further than TheraEx Locums.

The Bottom Line

Doctors and physicians have a big year ahead of them. With so many changes occurring, but so many recurring themes from the previous year continuing, it is a battle between what was and what’s coming. As long as you know what the healthcare trends and predications are for doctors and physicians in 2023, then you’ll have the preparations you need to stay above the water. As for Locum Tenens, be ready. This year is your year to acquire what you need and want out of your healthcare provider experience.

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