Locum Tenens Staffing


Filling Crucial Clinical Roles

TheraEx Locums helps staff private medical practices, surgery centers, inpatient and outpatient facilities, and other kinds of healthcare facilities with the medical professionals who impact patients’ lives every day. Because these individuals are so vital to the functioning of a healthcare facility, having the right people in the right spots—at the right time—is imperative. That’s where TheraEx Locums comes in.

Our recruitment specialists ensure that you have the healthcare providers you need to continue delivering your high standard of care. Our solutions allow you to:

Fill in for unplanned absences, such as medical leave.

Fill in for expected absences, such as maternity leave and vacation.

Fill coverage gaps while searching for long-term providers or practitioners.

Maintain a high standard of care during challenging staffing periods.

Bring in specialized medical talent when you need it.

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