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In this market, healthcare professionals have a lot of choices—including the choice to increase your expertise as a Locum Tenens professional. Physicians and Advanced Practice professionals trust the experience and reputation of TheraEx Locums to further their professional career. You’ve mastered your profession; why not let our experienced recruiting team represent you in a targeted search for the right professional opportunity to meet your goals?

Why Select a Locum Tenens Job?

TheraEx Locums offers Locum Tenens jobs at some of the most highly respected healthcare institutions in the nation. We help save you time by creating a seamless interview process that is transparent and highly effective at finding you the right fit. Why do our clinical providers choose TheraEx Locums and the Locum Tenens lifestyle?

  • Our Nurse Practitioner Locum Tenens often seek a change of pace from a current position. Travel nursing can help you alleviate burnout by creating a better work-life balance in a new setting.
  • Doctors have many choices for physician Locum Tenens agencies to represent them. They choose our agency because we carefully represent their best interests in a transparent process that benefits both the clinician and the healthcare organization client.

Why TheraEx Locums?

TheraEx Locums is one of the county’s leading medical staffing agencies. We understand the challenges facing the healthcare industry and do an outstanding job ensuring you find the right fit. We know most Locum Tenens physicians leverage staffing agencies to save time. Advanced Practice professionals trust us to help find the best cultural fit.” These clinical experts look to TheraEx Locums for:

  • A transparent, easy process that helps further your career goals.
  • Expert career and market advice gleaned from years of hands-on experience.
  • Connections to the best Locum Tenens jobs in the country.
  • Savvy negotiation skills to land you the package you want.

TheraEx Locums works hard every day to build connections to benefit your career. We understand the unique needs of doctors, dentists, and advanced practice professionals. We’re proud to make a difference in the lives of the clinicians we serve as well as positively impact patient care at some of the most respected healthcare facilities in the country.

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Types of Practitioners We Place

Our Advanced Practice providers often seek a change of pace from their current position, Locum Tenens can help you alleviate burnout by creating a better work-life balance in a new setting.

Our Locum Tenens Recruiters Fill Roles Including:

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