Why TheraEx?

TheraEx Locums pairs doctors, dentists, and advanced practice professionals with the best temporary and contract positions in the nation. Our process is transparent, seamless, and highly effective at understanding your wants, needs, and priorities and then matching you carefully to the right position in the right market to benefit your career goals.

If you’re a clinician and considering a change in your life, the choices can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of jobs to choose from. What is the best cultural and clinical environment that will give you both the challenge and the compensation you’ve been looking for? Where will you make the biggest impact while still achieving work-life balance for you and your family?

Why Locum Tenens?

The answer to these questions may be the Locum Tenens lifestyle. Locum Tenens contracting allows you to “try it before you buy it” while increasing your compensation package substantially. For clinical professionals new to the field, this is an outstanding way to learn as much as possible quickly to build your resume. For healthcare providers with experience, sometimes a change of scenery is needed to alleviate burnout. In both of these scenarios, the higher pay and better work-life balance of Locum Tenens can move your career forward more quickly than a full-time position.

Healthcare providers today are in the unique position of being highly in demand. The current physician, dentist, and advanced practice professional staffing shortages have been well-documented. Burnout is a huge problem in an industry hard-pressed to respond to unprecedented patient demand. You want to help by maximizing your effectiveness without struggling with the frustration of long hours and high stress.

Locum Tenens offers healthcare professionals a way to immediately impact inpatient care while still achieving their financial goals—and yes, still have work-life balance. Most healthcare providers (more than 85%) leverage Locum Tenens staff. They turn to TheraEx Locums because they trust our expertise and execution in the business of Locum Tenens staffing.

Benefits Of Locum Tenens Jobs

If you’re considering becoming a Locum Tenens doctor, dentist, or advanced practice professional, TheraEx Locums offers some benefits that are as unexpected as they are welcome:

  • Full transparency during the interview and negotiation process.
  • An outstanding network of Locum Tenens positions to choose from.
  • Unparalleled experience in the business of healthcare.

TheraEx Locums makes executing the Locum Tenens lifestyle easy and foolproof. Hospitals, medical practices, community health providers, and other types of healthcare organizations all use Locum Tenens talent to shore up holes in their staffing plans. TheraEx Locums knows how to represent our clinical providers in a way that benefits both the provider and the facility. We know that Locum Tenens are now a critical part of the U.S. workforce, serving on the frontlines during an era of evolving care delivery and severe provider shortages.

Ready To Get Started?

Trust the Locum Tenens recruiting experts at TheraEx Locums to find your next role.