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Your healthcare organization is facing unprecedented changes in care delivery. At the same time, you are keenly aware of staffing shortages leading to poorer patient health outcomes and a staff that is overworked and burnt out. If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you may already be searching for Locum Tenens providers to help solve all of these issues. There are dozens of Locum Tenens staffing services out there. How can you choose the right Locum Tenens company to help your organization overcome these challenges?

Selecting the Right Locum Tenens Agency

You have a lot riding on selecting the right Locum Tenens agency for your business. The employment of Locum Tenens staffing services is increasing as the demand for Physicians and Advanced Practice professionals accelerates. Locums companies can provide long-term clinical support for hard-to-find physician roles. A good Locum Tenens agency can also offer talent to fill short-term staffing gaps caused by vacation or illness.

The need for additional support is driven by an aging patient population as well as an aging clinical provider cohort. Too, the pandemic forced many hospitals to the edge as they struggled to find the talent necessary to care for unprecedented patient care demands. Perhaps ironically, the increase in employed physician models has created a scenario where our doctor talent is now more mobile and open to changing jobs—and that leaves us vulnerable to poaching by other healthcare facilities.

We are certainly living in “interesting” times.

For most healthcare organizations, Locum Tenens remedy many of the challenges that ail us. You need a Locum Tenens staffing services company that understands both the challenges and the solutions necessary to fix a struggling healthcare paradigm.

TheraEx Locums is that company.

Find Your Facility’s Next Provider

Why Do Healthcare Organizations Choose TheraEx Locums?

The experienced team at TheraEx Locums understands the relationship your Locum Tenens staffing recruiter has with candidates and clients. We walk a fine line that represents the best interests of our doctors, dentists, and advanced practice professionals while also providing healthcare organizations with the critical resources they need to provide better patient care and alleviate staffing shortages.

TheraEx Locums created our business to alleviate a need for more transparency between Locums companies and the healthcare organizations they serve. We know you need an easier, faster candidate screening process that matches not just your job requirements but your overarching culture with the clinical professionals you’re seeking. While we don’t have all the answers, we are highly committed to finding a balance between the candidates and the clients we serve. Our goal is to become a seamless partner to your existing HR team while filling the increasing demands of patient care.

Solve your toughest staffing challenges today.

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