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Medical Professionals Trust TheraEx Locums To Represent Their Candidacy To Leading Healthcare Organizations. Why?

TheraEx Locums understands that trust is a vital component to any successful relationship. As a clinical professional, you know that the relationships you forge with your team impact the quality of patient care delivery. You also understand the delicate relationships between the administration and your frontline staff. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, or other clinical professional, relationships matter.”

Relationships and the trust you forge also matter when you’re working closely with physician staffing companies to further your Locum Tenens career. That’s exactly why TheraEx Locums is the chosen partner of medical professionals seeking the freedom, flexibility, and additional income that comes from the Locum Tenens lifestyle.

We are proud to partner with some of the leading healthcare institutions in the county. Our team specializes in bridging the gap between the demands of a busy clinical facility and the doctors, dentists, and advanced practice professionals we represent. Unlike other physician staffing companies, we’re focused first on understanding the needs, wants, and priorities of both of our clients—from the largest health system to the doctor fresh out of residency, we understand the industry and the pressures you face.

Types of Practitioners We Place

Locum Tenens Physicians and Advanced Practice professionals are increasingly searching for alternative work arrangements that give them increasing flexibility with unmatched earnings potential. That’s exactly what a Locum Tenens career can offer. TheraEx Locums staffs Physicians and Advanced Practice professionals who understand the huge benefits of Locum Tenens to further their career and life goals.

Our TheraEx Locums Physician Recruiters help providers who:

  • Want to invest in a traveling lifestyle to experience different clinical environments.
  • Are at the end of their careers and want to supplement their income to reach their retirement goals quickly.
  • Desire greater professional autonomy and better work/life balance.

Whatever the reason, we know you have a choice of physician staffing companies to further your Locum Tenens career goals. Don’t settle for just any staffing agency; pick the organization that has a strong track record of managing to your best interests. Our Locum Tenens providers trust our team to provide the best jobs and support for a win/win partnership that meets your goals.

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There’s a reason we’re the best medical staffing company to work for. We are the sister company of TheraEx Staffing Services. TheraEx Locums focuses on one thing: Locum Tenens staffing. Our goal is to serve medical facilities such as inpatient and outpatient clinics, surgery centers, private practices, and more by providing world-class healthcare staffing services. Our mission is to do it while upholding our core values of customer service, honesty, and transparency.

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