Tis the new year, and as we begin to calm down from all of the holiday festivities and enter the reality of the path ahead, we may come to consider where exactly we’d like that path to take us. If you are someone who has already started this process or are interested in embarking on a fun and exciting journey then know that working as a Locum Tenens means open doors at every corner. If a brand new direction is where your mind is heading, let us help you pave that path with what we consider to be the best states to work Locum Tenens in 2023!

8 Best States To Work Locum Tenens


There’s not much that needs to be said for California. You have your shimmering coastlines and bustling cities to visit, and you have the golden opportunity of elevating your income. If that isn’t enough, Locum Tenens have the opportunity to discover accelerated opportunities here and are able to hone in on their specialties. Specifically in family medicine, anesthesiology, cardiology, radiology and more. This allows for your options to be abundant in and outside of the job. Rivers and lakes in the North, beach towns in the south and some desert vibes in Rancho Mirage. It’s all yours for the picking.


Illinois has been hitting many 2023 top lists with good merit. For Midwesterners it can be close to home, their dining scene is optimal for food enthusiasts, and the shopping is abundant with an enchanting city skyline to match. While there are plenty of areas throughout that can be home to your skills like Aurora, Mount Vernon and Chester, chances are you could end up in the windy city of Chicago. Though, wherever you end up, you’ll be amongst amazing healthcare facilities and hospitals with many Locum Tenens job opportunities.


If you’re delighted to mix professionalism with warm vacation vibes, then Florida will be your place. You have plenty of areas to choose from like Miami, Jacksonville, Panama City or Tampa, as well as an extensive list of job options available. On top of this, Locum Tenens income is abundant here so you can have your Key Lime Pie and eat it too.

New York

The city where nobody sleeps is not so unusual for a Locum Tenens position to be in high demand. Locum Tenens opportunities are plentiful and there is nothing like saying you live and work in New York. You have some great areas to choose from like Manhattan, Cortland, Syracuse and Rochester. Even more, you could easily jump from assignment to assignment in different areas while staying put in the state. You’ll not only have great opportunities to expand your skills with the diverse demographic and amount of people who need your help but get to indulge in the food, shopping and lifestyle that locals boast about.


In a state like Indiana, you have a lot more to see and do on your days off than you think. You do have big cities like Indianapolis and Fort Wayne to smaller towns like Plymouth or Crown Point to choose from when it comes to working. As well as specialties like dentistry, anesthesiology and pathology. But you can find festivals on Mass Avenue, sports lovers can enjoy the Pacers, car lovers can enjoy the Indy 500 and foodies can find real BBQ in Little Nashville. Most importantly, for those who love admiring beautiful fall foliage, Indiana is the perfect spot to see the changing leaves in autumn while exploring what all the state has to offer.


While Michigan‘s healthcare is some of the best in the nation, the state’s personal healthcare ranks more towards the bottom of the list. Meaning that Locum Tenens are very much in demand, especially in dentistry and for physicians and OB-GYNS. On your off days though, you can venture out to the gorgeous lakes the state has to offer, get your fix on football games, enjoy golf courses or spend some time at the casino.


Texas is a mind of its own and a great spot for Locum Tenens to dive into. With its array of areas to pick from like Houston and Dallas, or San Antonio and Amarillo, to its reputable healthcare systems. You could really hit the professional jackpot making your way here. Then, of course, you have all that Texas has to offer. The Alamo, all of the great mouthwatering BBQ, good ol’ football, Texas State fair and the best-rated water park in the world, the Schlitterbahn.

North Carolina

Home to the perfect mix of nature and city life, North Carolina is for Locum Tenens who would like to explore. The Great Smoky Mountains are, of course, a huge draw, but so are its extensive wineries and vineyards, ability to still hit the beach yet mingle in all the city vibes and nightlife, as well as the bonus point that Krispy Kreme began here. As a state with a considerable number of hospitals and patient count, there are plenty of Locum Tenens job openings – including in specialties – available for you.

Which Of The Best States To Work Locum Tenens Should I Work?

Here at TheraEx Locums, we are equipped to usher you on your Locum Tenens journey into 2023. Whether you are just getting started or already know your way but want to try out an area you’ve never been to before; we can guide you to receive whatever it is that you need and want. If you’d like to know more information or ask any questions, please click here!

Plenty of states around the country are waiting for your experience and skills. Whether you would like to practice in a certain area or focus on your specialty, endless opportunities are all available to you. Don’t keep them waiting miss out on the opportunity to work in one of the best states for Locum Tenens! Join the Locum Tenens life today!

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