Are you a dedicated surgeon seeking a new and exhilarating professional path? Look no further than locum tenens, where you can combine your exceptional skills with a sense of adventure. Wondering what a typical day as a locum tenens surgeon looks like? Allow us to guide you through the exciting world of locum tenens staffing while helping you understand the unique aspects of this rewarding position.

Understanding the Role of a Locum Tenens Surgeon

In the world of healthcare, locum tenens physicians and doctors take on assignments in various states across the country. These assignments arise due to the fluctuating demands in healthcare facilities, including patient influx, seasonal changes, or the absence of regular staff members. As the industry faces shortages of doctors and nurses, finding temporary replacements can be challenging, often leading to last-minute placements. These assignments typically span from one day to one year, with the possibility of renewal. Alternatively, you can take your invaluable experience and share your skills with hospitals in different areas that urgently require your assistance. As a highly sought-after position, locum tenens surgeons enjoy competitive pay rates, housing benefits, and the opportunity to travel the world.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Locum Tenens Surgeon

Morning Routine: Starting Strong

Your day as a locum tenens surgeon will likely commence in the early hours, much like it did when you held a permanent position. Typically, surgeons begin their day before 7 am, preparing for surgeries and rounds. This involves reviewing patient charts, medical history, and relevant diagnostic reports. Collaborating with nursing staff, anesthesiologists, and colleagues, you will discuss cases to ensure a cohesive approach to the day’s procedures.

Surgical Procedures

Next, you will embark on the surgical procedures for the day, tailored to your specialization and the specific needs of the healthcare facility. These surgeries can range from minor procedures to complex operations, including both elective and emergency cases. Working closely with your surgical team, your focus will be on ensuring patient safety and achieving optimal surgical outcomes.

Patient Consultations and Examinations

In addition to performing surgeries, you will engage in patient consultations and examinations. This involves conducting physical examinations, reviewing test results, and providing diagnoses. Meeting with patients, you will discuss their medical conditions, explain treatment options, and address any questions or concerns from patients or their families. Offering pre- and post-operative care instructions, you will ensure a smooth journey for your patients throughout the surgical process.

Doing Rounds

As a locum tenens surgeon, you will review patients’ progress, assess their conditions, and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans. This vital process, known as “rounds,” requires collaboration with healthcare professionals such as medical residents, nurses, and specialists to provide comprehensive care for patients. Departmental meetings and case conferences will further enhance coordination with colleagues, ensuring all patient needs are met for successful surgeries.


While the administrative burdens and hospital politics may be reduced in your role as a locum tenens surgeon, maintaining accurate and up-to-date medical records remains essential. Documenting patient encounters, surgical procedures, and treatment plans in the hospital’s record-keeping system will be part of your responsibility. Additionally, administrative tasks such as reviewing and signing off on lab reports and completing surgery-related paperwork may fall under your purview. Rest assured, these tasks are familiar territory for you.

Continuing Professional Development

As a locum tenens surgeon, your quest for knowledge doesn’t end with your new role. Engaging in ongoing education for professional development is crucial. This can involve attending conferences, workshops, or seminars. Given the numerous changes in the healthcare industry, staying up to date with surgical techniques, research, and technologies is paramount to delivering the highest quality of care.

Being Flexible and Adaptable

Embracing a life of flexibility and adaptability is integral to the locum tenens experience. Moving between various work environments such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, and other medical settings, you will encounter unique protocols and practices at each facility. Locum tenens surgeons must be consistently prepared to adapt to different patient populations, demographics, healthcare systems, and local regulations.

Embrace the Adventure

A typical day for a locum tenens surgeon shares similarities with a permanent position in its ultimate goal of providing exceptional patient care. However, locum tenens surgeons have the extraordinary opportunity to make a profound impact on communities in need while enjoying the benefits of high demand. Beyond traveling the country, this role offers a remarkable income and an expansive platform to grow your experience and skills.

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