Maximize your efficiency and stay informed in the healthcare industry with medical apps. Technology advancements can simplify and streamline your daily tasks, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care. With the availability of various medical apps, there’s no need to spend hours researching or combing through information. Instead, let these apps deliver the latest updates, medical news, and tools right to your fingertips. Whether it’s for communication with colleagues or staying up to date on industry advancements, medical apps can be an invaluable asset in the healthcare world.

With the disappointing experience of clunky EHR systems, it’s understandable to be hesitant about relying on another medical app to simplify your work. But, the beauty of technology is that it offers options, and you get to pick and choose which apps work best for you and your practice. From supporting diagnoses to improving communication, there are apps designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Don’t let a past failure hold you back from exploring the potential of medical apps to enhance your work.

What Medical Apps Should Healthcare Professionals Consider Using?


“Our mission is to improve patient care with comprehensive clinical information and resources essential to physicians and healthcare professionals.”

Medscape can be regarded as the top app in healthcare. It offers a comprehensive range of information related to the healthcare industry, including current medical news, drug and disease data, expert insights, and more. Its features go beyond surface-level content, providing useful tools like a pill identifier, drug interaction checker, medical procedure videos, dose calculators, physician and pharmacy directories, etc. The best part? Membership is free and grants you unlimited access to all its resources. Over 50% of doctors in the U.S. trust and use this app. Simply download and register to start benefiting from its offerings.


“A simple mission to provide trusted medical information and tools to help make critical decisions at the point-of-care.”

Skyscape, a cloud-based app, referred to as the “Medical Knowledge Platform,” is a virtual library that healthcare professionals didn’t know they needed. With the largest database of medical information among healthcare apps, it provides access to 400 trusted sources across 30 medical specialties. This enables physicians, nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals to deliver quality patient care, save time, and minimize costly medical mistakes. In addition to its extensive database, the app also offers over 200 interactive tools, academic partnerships, clinical communication and collaboration opportunities, and a hub for innovation and creativity.


“Helping healthcare professionals by providing the most trusted drug and clinical information available, delivered across multiple platforms, and easily integrated into daily workflow.”

Memorizing and utilizing all of the medications for each patient that comes in is a daunting task for healthcare workers, especially with the constant introduction of new medications. LexiComp offers a solution by serving as your personal reference tool. With 20 databases at your fingertips, you’ll have access to all the information you need about medications, interactions, shortage updates, and even a pharmacogenomics database.

MedPage Today

“MedPage Today is the leading source for breaking medical news, daily coverage of over 30 specialties, annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposiums.”

MedPage Today is the app for healthcare professionals seeking news and events specific to their area of expertise or interest. This top-tier news app features live coverage of medical conferences and local writers who attend at least 75 conferences annually. It covers both medical and political topics with ease, thanks to its professional writers and journalists who strive to report on the thoughts, actions, and feelings of healthcare workers. With content that is easily relatable, MedPage Today is a must-have for healthcare professionals. Although it’s not available on the Google store, the app can be accessed through its own website and is offered for free.


“Doximity helps over two million healthcare professionals take the friction out of everyday challenges that are unique to clinicians.”

Let’s lighten up a bit and talk about Doximity. It’s like Facebook and LinkedIn for healthcare professionals, and as a Locum Tenens, you’ll meet plenty of people on your journey. With this app, you can easily keep in touch with them. Doximity enables users to find and connect with other healthcare professionals and have secure conversations. that can be just friendly or can also be used to seek insights or advice on cases or exchange patient data.

Additionally, the app serves as a connection between patients and healthcare providers, offering a FaceTime feature for virtual doctor visits and notifications for patients entering video conferences. All in all, Doximity is an invaluable asset to the healthcare industry, breaking down barriers that often arise in day-to-day operations.

The technology industry will keep expanding, and it’s essential to find the medical apps that work for us and simplify our daily routine. The five apps mentioned above are just a start, and you can find even more options with a little research. Take the first step, explore further where necessary, and enjoy the ease that technology can bring to your life.

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