The Locum Tenens title was gaining a lot of traction and officially skyrocketed in 2022. They are in high demand due to the still occurring pandemic, staffing shortages, increased patient load and simply the need for some extra hands. As of 2020, 85% of hospitals were relying on Locum Tenens to add that extra support. But why are hospitals jumping at the opportunity to hire part-time doctors and physicians to fill in the gaps?

Firstly, it should be known that Locum Tenens fill in for others who are unavailable. As stated previously, this could be because of a shortage, an influx of patients, a clinician needing time off or needing to provide care to those who would usually go without. While it began as a rural health facility role, it has now grown into every aspect and field of healthcare. Assignments can be anywhere between two weeks to two months and even into a year. It really depends on what the hospital is looking for. The best part? Being a travel role, Locums who accept the assignments will be happy to join your team in whatever state you are in. Creating the perfect situation for them and yourself.

With a projected shortage of anywhere between 45,000 and 90,000 physicians in a few years, hospitals will need the perfect solution. If that’s not enough for you to hire Locum Tenens, here are some other reasons you should be.

Cost Saving

If temporary coverage is what you are looking for, then Locum Tenens are absolutely your best match. They are able to step in and take otherwise empty shifts. Don’t be fooled by the additional costs of such a temporary position. You are only paying them for the days they work which technically is less than permanent medical staff. Yes, you could still go out and pick a long-term employee for the position. However, they do come with expenses and can be time-consuming to hire. When it comes to Locum Tenens, they are fast, efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is one of the most common reasons nurses and doctors want to leave their position or need to take time off. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to go through and a situation that doesn’t just take a day off to get past. Since the pandemic, the rise of burnout has been massive and Locum Tenens has been a great way to alleviate that burden. For instance, hiring Locum Tenens to work amongst your staff for a consistent period of time can take some of the pressure off of your permanent staff. On top of this, hospitals have been known to even hire Locums throughout the weekends to also take off the heavy load of patients. If avoiding burnout is at the top of your list, which it should be, then hiring a Locum Tenens is your best option!

Offer More to Patients

When there are more doctors or physicians available, you have more to give to your patients. Sometimes smaller, or more rural hospitals struggle with this due to the limited resources. With Locum Tenens, you won’t only have an extra person on the ground, but you’ll have a new set of skills that they can bring with them to your facility. Whether this is hiring Locums with specific specialties that will enhance your facility or just general skills that Locums have been able to collect throughout all of their assignments. It stops you from needing to hire someone and train them to use specialized equipment which in turn saves you some money.

What About Your Revenue?

Once again, if money is on the list of things you expect to be more when hiring Locum Tenens, there is another reason why you are missing the big picture. Say for instance a patient comes in and needs some specialized care that your hospital doesn’t offer. That means they have to be sent to a different facility and your revenue ends up suffering. Not only is it better if patients can receive treatment close to home, but hiring a Locum Tenen with a specialty under their belt can allow you to maintain your revenue. As well as step up your hospitals care and know that their qualified medical support is there when it’s needed.

TheraEx Locum Tenens

Here at TheraEx, we offer providers with the best Locum Tenens around. Our medical staffing agency specializes in Rehab, Allied, Clinical and Locum Tenens staffing with connections and resources to solve your biggest staffing challenges. Our screening process ensures you are getting the right candidate in your facility. If you’d like to find out more about what your best options are or how Locum Tenens can benefit your hospital or facility, click here.

Locum Tenens bring a lot to hospitals all over the country. No matter what your hospital’s situation is, or whether you are in the big city or sitting out rurally, Locums are waiting for the opportunity to work for you. They can be cost-effective, alleviate burnout to your permanent staff, and bring in specialties your facility needs or can save you money when you are short-staffed. It’s the foolproof plan that will get you exactly what you need in a short amount of time. Speak to us, and we can get you on the right track to finding the right employee as soon as possible. With so much going on, let us alleviate your stress and help you figure out the right way to take care of your patients faster and more efficiently!

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