Working as a doctor to assist the masses is an incredibly rewarding job. In addition to the higher pay rates, the significant draw to working Locums Tenens assignments is the travel lifestyle you get to enjoy. With the US holding so many interesting places and all of those places being quite different, you have some pretty amazing spots to choose from. Without further ado, let’s go over the best places to work as Locum Tenens Physician.

California Dreamin’

From the weather to the food, there’s a lot to love about California. You get both the perks of city life and beach life with some bonus nature adventures. Jobs for Locums are high, especially in the North and the cost of a state license is $1,299.

If you’re more of a city person, San Francisco is the ideal spot for you. Even though it might look big, with its towering downtown buildings and epic bridges, it can really feel like a small town making the area very accessible and walkable. Next, you have LA, while it’s wild, to say the least, you also have Santa Monica beach in Santa Monica Pier to enjoy. Throw in some great food and shopping, and you’ll be ticking off a lot of wants or needs in this area. If you’re feeling like enjoying a calmer life, then head west to Malibu. Here you’ll find breathtaking landscapes along with its chill vibes and great living and entertainment that will have you never wanting to leave.

It’s Always Sunny in the Sunshine State

Spend most of your life inland or in a cold state? Taking on Florida could open you up to the warming world you never knew. The first conversation topic about Florida is inevitably its weather and the fact that it’s pretty much warm all year round. Throw in some crazy tropical storms and the sometimes crazy news headlines, you’ll be living in quiet and exuberating place. Its coastlines are never-ending giving you far too many beaches to choose from and its culture is booming. You could be eating up a storm at your favorite taco spot or five-star restaurant.

Miami may be your first draw, as its shiny exterior is for most people. It’s the mecca of party and luxury. This also means great food, an art deco district, awesome bars and dinner spots, as well as the Miami Heat. For most of us though, Miami might be a little bit too much pizazz. If you head north for 30-40 minutes, you have the beautiful Fort Lauderdale. A little more on the relaxed side but still bustling with everything Miami possesses. Its minimal tourism and more subtle party all the time lifestyle may suit your relaxed vibe more. You have impressive places to explore like Hollywood Beach, Las Olas Boulevard all while being mesmerized by the classic Florida architecture. A state license is $1,279 and has a moderate amount of job openings for Locums.

We’re Going To Happy Hawaii

Hawaii is a bucket list dream destination for so many people. To be able to be there for work and not just vacationing for a week is a unique experience not many people get to have. Unfortunately, while the jobs in hindsight are on the low side compared to say, Cali, the demand is there with places like Honolulu suffering the highest rate of homelessness in the country. So you’re very much helping people in dire need.

On the travel side, it’s Hawaii. You have beaches, surfing, snorkeling and that tropical life. Throw in some hikes or even volcanic hikes, tours of villages and being able to enjoy the new cuisine you’d be devouring. It’s hard to imagine not having something to do in Hawaii. State licenses cost $392 so jump on board when you get the chance.

Get To Arizona

You can’t talk about Arizona without first mentioning the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, and Petrified Forest as well as dessert botanical gardens and the most epic hikes. Even the winter months are quite nice to live in. As a big city, Phoenix has plenty to keep you entertained all year round and the Phoenix-Scottsdale area has the most prestigious golf courses. Not to mention the red rocky mountain landscape of Sedona. To sum that all up there is a lot to see and do and we haven’t even mentioned the shopping and eating available to you too. State licenses are $1,000 and the job demand is moderate.

Down In Utah

Utah is very well known for its adrenaline adventures all year round. In the winter, it’s considered the best ski destination in the world. In the summer you can venture on some of the most insane hikes you’ve ever seen and if you’re into it, enjoy some mountain biking on those slopes. It is one of those places that will make you feel small with its extravagant surroundings.

Salt Lake City is a major metropolitan with everything you need from a city. Its constant yearly popularity also delivers you some magnificent eating options. Imagine finishing your shifts and jumping on the slopes then getting a delicious bite to eat after. Doesn’t sound half bad! Your state license will cost around $300 and due to being a popular place, the jobs are generally on the lower side.

As we mentioned before, becoming a Locum Tenens is a great way to broaden your medical horizon and boost your resume. While a rewarding job in itself, the places you get to visit can really put the cherry on top of the already overloaded sundae. Take on your adventurous side and contact us if you have any questions about joining the Locum life.

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