Becoming a Locum Tenens general surgeon is the perfect way to take control of your career in healthcare. As a general surgeon, you can expect to put in around 50 – 60 hours per week, not to mention the additional hours you may be on call. Although this career is demanding and intense, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a Locum Tenens position, you can manage your own schedule and find a balance between taking on challenging cases and having enough time to yourself. This is your chance to enhance your career and take command of your future.

What Is A Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens are highly sought-after physicians or doctors who provide short-term contracts to healthcare facilities across the country. These contracts can range from two weeks to a year, depending on the need of the hospital and the willingness of the doctor. This type of position is particularly in demand since 2020, and offers many benefits such as a higher income, the opportunity to explore new places, and the chance to broaden their work experience. Additionally, it can be great for mental health and to reduce the risk of burnout.

Why Should I Consider Locum Tenens?

With the healthcare industry facing a massive shortage of healthcare workers in the coming years, Locum Tenens general surgeons can provide a much-needed solution. The Association of American Medical Colleges projects that the demand for surgeons will be far greater than the supply, with shortages ranging from 15,800 to 30,200 by 2034. Locum Tenens surgeons can help fill this gap, providing healthcare facilities with the trained and experienced workforce they need to keep delivering quality care to their patients.

Are General Surgeons In High Demand?

The US is facing a concerning shortage of surgeons to serve its patient population, and this is particularly concerning when it comes to general surgeons. These are the professionals who are uniquely trained and qualified to provide many essential, life-saving medical procedures. General surgeons are also in high demand as Locum Tenens surgeons.

What Are The Benefits Of Working As A Locum Tenens General Surgeon?

Financial Benefits

Working as a Locum Tenens General Surgeon offers a range of financial, professional, and personal benefits. From a financial perspective, the hourly rate for this role can be higher than permanent positions, with many Locum Tenens surgeons making between $1,000 and $1,400 per hour. This makes it an attractive option for those who are just starting out, looking to increase their savings, or simply wanting to make some extra money. On top of the financial reward, Locum Tenens surgeons gain the benefit of professional development, a greater sense of autonomy, and the flexibility to choose when and where they work. It’s a great way to get the most out of a career in surgery.

Enjoy Increased Flexibility

While a huge bonus is the income, another great benefit comes in the form of scheduling. As a position that is time-consuming and demanding even in your private life, the Locum Tenens route can put you in a place of control. Not only will you be able to bypass office hours or call duty, but you can also take off time between contracts to regroup and prepare yourself for your following assignment. Many veteran Locum Tenens surgeons really value these aspects of the job and find themselves relieved to be able to attend vacation or family events without the lingering thought of being cut short for work.

Elevate Your Skills

Stepping into a new hospital, clinic, or facility can be an intimidating experience, but it can also be an amazing opportunity to broaden one’s experience and hone their surgical skills. Depending on the environment, you might be able to showcase skills you haven’t had a chance to use in a while. Additionally, you could be asked to rise to the occasion and take on a variety of surgeries, from C-sections to trauma cases. Elevating your skills in such a situation is an amazing way to grow and develop as a surgeon.

Logging More Surgical Hours

Looking for surgical hours? Locum Tenens could be the answer! By taking on short-term contracts, you can experience the satisfaction of logging more hours in the surgical room and the challenge of adapting to different settings. These contracts provide you with more opportunities than you could find in a permanent position and can give you a competitive edge when challenging other surgeons.

Work in Multiple Locations and Experience Different Settings

One of the biggest benefits of working as a Locum Tenens is the ability to explore different parts of the country that you may never have thought of visiting. Even though you are working long hours, you don’t have to spend your downtime at home doing nothing – there’s plenty to do! Depending on where you are, you could take part in extreme sports, go on long hikes, indulge in amazing food and nightlife, or find a local market or event to attend. It’s a great chance to take some time for yourself and discover all the hidden gems the area has to offer.

Working With New Demographics

Whether this is patients or your fellow staff members, the diversity of people you will be working with can expand immensely. The ability to adapt to a new range of people with a new range of needs is substantial to your overall experience as a surgeon. Though, as a Locum Tenens general surgeon, that immense overall experience will continue from place to place. You’ll find yourself able to deal with all types of people.

Maximize Your Income and Your Impact with Locum Tenens General Surgeon Work

If you’re looking to make a change in your life or career in 2023, why not consider becoming a Locum Tenens general surgeon? You’ll have the opportunity to provide medical services in different areas, gain valuable work experience, and maximize your income and impact. To learn more about this role and the next steps you need to take to join the team, visit our website for more information.

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