Podcasts are a great way to stay informed, inspired, and entertained. As a Locum Tenens, you need to be constantly on the lookout for new and interesting podcasts to help you stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare news and trends. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of all the top podcasts all Locum Tenens should listen to.

What Is A Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens are essentially travelling doctors who venture across the country in order to take on positions that need to be filled. These contracts can be short-term or last up to a year. Even more depending on what position you are required for. At the end of assignments, contracts may be able to be continued on, or you have the opportunity to take your skills to another part of the country. Building your resume and your travel memories all in one go.

Taking the step into a new role can be tricky, and sometimes a little daunting, so to get the information you are looking for from those who have been in your shoes, check out these podcasts!

The Best Locum Tenens Podcasts

  1. White Coat Investor

If money management and making the most financially out of the position is on the top of your list, you must listen to The White Coat Investor. Dr. Jim Dahle talks about all things finance from managing your money to paying off any loans to even investing your money. After years of working on the fine details himself and placing himself in a good financial future, you know you are gaining great insights while working in a position with great pay. You can even find an influential blog with solid money management information from one doctor to another.

  1. Reach MD

Not just your everyday podcast, but a huge physician platform which includes information about Locum Tenens. Very specifically, Dr. Noel Lumpkin, a fellow Locum Tenens, joined Reach MD, and wrote a book with all of the answers to questions she had been asked for all of those years. Titled Road Warrior Physician, you can find an episode where she talks about all things Locum Tenens. The platform also shares new information on clinical research and any new practice techniques.

  1. The Happy Doctor Podcast

In a time where burnout is becoming the healthcare industry norm, The Happy Doctor Podcast shares ways in which you can find happiness in your work. They work to provide inspired and purpose-driven health care through personal stories and valuable tips. Allowing to bring back the love of medicine in a fun, interesting and practical way. It is an easy listen and could be highly beneficial for many in this position.

  1. Docs Outside The Box

There is always something about a podcast with a cool name that makes you want to listen to them. Docs Outside the Box is one of them. While an episode, “Should I work for myself right out of residency?” may help you gain the perfect insight into the benefits of locum tenens. Along with their Q&A episode, “Ask Dr. Nii – 2 kids under 2 at home, Can I still do locums?” You’ll not only find considerable information for your specific needs but will also find a long list of everything and anything physicians.

  1. Kevin MD

Bringing you everything you need to know about the industry since 2004. Kevin Pho delivers 15 minutes’ podcasts 7 days a week. Add this to his long list of podcasts and information through his website; Dr. Pho doesn’t just provide you with information but digs deep on all things in the health care industry like technology, policies and medication. All told by those in the profession themselves. The information will be endless with this podcast.

  1. The Financial Residency

Another financial podcast to get you on your feet and continue on the path of financial stability, Ryan Inman is a financial advisor who specifically helps physicians and their families. He shares a lot of information, but very specifically talks about locum tenens pros and cons, negotiating incomes, and other key topics. A very pivotal episode he has is “Locum Tenens Combats Burnout,” where Dr. Andrew Wilner speaks with Ryan about how to avoid or overcome burnout through his book The Locum Life: A Physician’s Guide to Locum Tenens.

  1. Physician Grind

If you are the type of person who likes to gather information through others’ stories, The Physician Grind will work best for you. This podcast talks about all things medicine through doctors’ and healthcare providers’ personal stories. The best part, each episode focuses on one single story and is only around 5 minutes long. Essential information coming in short and sweet bursts.

  1. Amateur Traveler Podcast

Though others may be focused on the financial aspect of Locum Tenens, the travel part will be huge for others. If this is your first time, jump on board the Amateur Traveler Podcast where Chris Christensen discusses his travel and instructs fellow travelers on how to get the most out of their area.

Gaining the knowledge you need to start your Locum Tenens journey doesn’t need to involve you sitting and reading article after article.  The best part about listening to podcasts is being able to listen while getting yourself ready in the morning and on the commute to work. The information frequently comes from fellow Locum Tenens or those who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. Setting yourself up for success financially, emotionally and in and around healthcare. Happy Listening!

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