Blogs, podcasts, and online videos can be great resources for those in the medical field. Whether you’ve just started out in your practice or you’re a seasoned professional, online medical content creators can offer great insights into your line of work.

They can also be wonderful resources for connecting with others in the medical community! As healthcare providers, it’s important for us to connect with one another and share knowledge, and online content can be a great place to start.

TheraEx Locums works with skilled clinicians and APRNs in many different specialties, so we have curated a list of creators that speak to every side of our scope of expertise. We hope you find a new source of knowledge, entertainment, and community here!


Whether you’re researching new medical technologies or want to read personal accounts from fellow healthcare providers, blogs can be a great resource. Read these medical blogs with your breakfast, on breaks, or during a rainy day inside.

Nurse Abnormalities

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and writer Danielle LeVeck uses her blog to educate and empower future generations of nurses. She writes about current happenings in the nursing world, strategies she’s learned in acute care, and career tips for nurses of all stripes.

Aspiring Minority Doctor

As an Urgent Care physician on the path to becoming a surgeon, Danielle Ward highlights her experiences as a woman of color and single mom studying medicine. Read her blog to learn about her journey through medical school and surgery residency.


For a quick dose of medical news, NPR publishes daily articles on current medical developments, healthcare legislation, and public health issues. Some of their articles double as podcasts!

The Medical Futurist

Here, you’ll get the latest insights on medical technology developments. Don’t worry, The Medical Futurist’s coverage isn’t all breathless enthusiasm for the latest shiny gadgets. They take a critical look at the practical and ethical effects of different medical technologies, including A.I., nursing robotics, and virtual reality.

Respectful Insolence

Run by a cancer surgeon and researcher with a unique dry wit, Respectful Insolence is dedicated to debunking medical myths, pseudoscience and misinformation. If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the huge volume of bad medical advice circulating in recent years, this blog may offer some catharsis.


There are podcasts out there for every niche interest, and medicine is no exception. A good podcast can help a dull commute fly by, keep you company on a walk, or help you unwind before your bedtime routine. Wherever you choose to listen, give some of these medical podcasts a try!

Neurology Minute

If you’re looking for bite-sized content in the field of neurology, you’re in the right place. Every day, the American Academy of Neurology posts an episode covering the latest news in neurology from certified experts, all in under five minutes.

American Family Physician Podcast

Anyone who practices family medicine will find something worthwhile in the AFP Podcast. Each episode is packed with information about clinical issues, current events in medicine, and guest expert interviews. Episodes are half an hour long, but they make every minute count.

At Your Cervix

To reduce the stigma around pelvic health issues, physiotherapists Gráinne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell talk about all things pelvic health. Whether you work in a similar practice or just want to learn more about women’s and men’s pelvic health topics, this podcast has you covered.

This Podcast Will Kill You

A more off-the-wall production, this podcast covers disease ecology, epidemics and medical mysteries with expert cohosts Erin Welsh, PhD and Erin Updyke, MD, PhD. While the topics they discuss are less immediately relevant for everyday practice, they are certainly entertaining and worth sharing.

Everyday Emergency

Doctors Without Borders performs incredible humanitarian work, and they also have a podcast chronicling real stories from communities in crisis all over the world. Learn about everything from the state of women’s healthcare in Venezuela to the first-hand account of the world’s first drug resistant tuberculosis survivor.

YouTube Channels

Some nurses and clinicians create videos to share their experiences with other healthcare professionals. Many medical YouTubers are highly experienced in their fields and have great insight to share about their profession and education. Whether you’re well-established in your practice, just graduated or are still studying, visit some of these medical YouTube channels and learn about the creators behind them.

Nurse Liz

As a Family Nurse Practitioner and mother, Liz has a lot to share about her experience juggling nursing and family! Her videos cover different nursing career tips, personal experiences in medicine, debunking medical misinformation, and a dash of current events from a nurse’s perspective.

Raina On The Cusp

Raina is a current dental student and is full of advice for fellow students interested in dentistry. Her channel has study tips, student resources, and vlogs about her life in and out of school.

Medicine Deconstructed with Cedric Jamie Rutland MD

Dr. Rutland’s content is geared towards medical professionals and nonprofessionals alike. His videos educate on topics from lung disease, to updates on COVID-19 developments, to starting your own medical practice.

Doctor Eye Health

Take charge of your eye health with tips from optometrist Joseph J. Allen. He shares everyday strategies to keep your eyes healthy, tips on how to get the right products to take care of your eyes, and how to limit vision damage from screen use.

Antonio J. Webb, M.D.

Looking for in-depth videos about the world of surgery? Dr. Webb is a trained Spine Surgeon who worked as a US Air Force medic and makes videos both in and out of the OR. Visit his channel to learn about everything related to orthopedic surgery and to hear a professional’s take on real life case studies.

We hope you found some valuable resources here! Share some of your favorite creators and find communities of like-minded professionals to connect with.


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